Gateway Helping Hands


Welcome to Morehead - Gateway Helping Hands Food Bank & Outreach Center!  We are here to serve the needy and strive to make a difference in the lives of those living below the poverty line!  Our Board of Directors and other unpaid volunteers work tirelessly to complete our mission.  We fight hunger and poverty in Rowan County, Kentucky.  A community is judged by the way they take care of the needy.  We are the bridge that brings the community and the needy together.  Please join us in this worthy cause.  

Gateway Helping Hands is a 501{c}{3} non-profit organization.  We are located in Morehead, Kentucky.  We help those who are down on their luck by providing food boxes for their families once a month.  We also give FREE school clothing, FREE shoes, FREE school supplies, and FREE winter or summer gear.

Helping Hands works hand in hand with folks to get them what they need.  Whether it's safety from an abusive relationship, total homelessness, hunger, or warm clothing.  We also keep a supply of bed cothes, household items and other things a person may need after losing everything they own in a fire or a flood.  These items are given FREE to help them get back on their feet. 

Our Weekend Back Pack Snack Program is the most important feeding program at Morehead-Gateway Helping Hands.  Through this program, we provide back pack snacks for over 200 school age children in four {4} of the Rowan County schools every Friday.  Without this food, many of these children ages Pre-school through High School would have nothing to eat on the weekends.   Please donate when you can.


Here is a link to our Weekend Back Pack Snack Program Event

Here is a link to our Community Appreciation Day Event